About the Writer

Who is Happy Slut?

Lets just say, I am a mid-twenties single mother from Seattle with too much time to think. On paper I am an English graduate, but hold no superiority over this accomplishment. Some times–er–most of the time, I will produce a crock of grammatical crapola, but it is all for the love of taking human interaction and molding it into a sweet symphony of words.

Besides my love for writing and literature, I lead a productive life of making PB&J sandwiches and quesadillas for my four-year-old. Yes, I own a pair of Uggs to match with my velour outfit, and I can probably recite every Elmo song to the tee.

Why the slut?

I realize that this term may be highly offensive to many, but as a woman, I cannot deny the curiosity to explore these boundaries. The image of the American woman has been thrown into the reality of hush-hush double standards, drive-thru weddings, and that half of star-crossed lovers will end in divorce. Not only am I living in that reality, I am a die hard hopeless romantic. Those ingredients stir up only one image of a female. I live boldly by it.

All of my blogs are based on life experiences in the bustle of love, sex, and dating. Some parts have been exaggerated and names changed in order to protect the anonymity of the characters. If all else fails, my good friend once told me and hence I shall abide by, “I can neither confirm it, nor deny it.”

Contact: happyslut85@gmail.com